Xmma Memon

Inspiring Poetess and Eye-Opening Author

I am an optimist person feeling the urge to explore things from my own perspective. Immersed in the surrounding world, I remain true to myself and the existential beliefs I hold. Regardless of the nuanced emotions I experience, including all those tiny and big dreams that define a person, I always feel the need to express my points through writing. It's the inspiration moving me into the exciting world of discretion, dominated by my diverse feelings. Yet I'm delicate enough to impose my emotions, or let them go with the stream.

I perfectly understand that not all may agree with me, and this is not what i'm looking for. What I crave is to uncover the deepest thoughts and sensations. I simply care what I feel.

That's the reason I'm an optimist, enthusiastically fulfilled to remain what I am. Feel free to explore my virtual world.

Achievement Timeline

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  • 2015 - Published "The Cloak of Mixed Emotions"
  • 2016 - Published "Halfhearted Velleity"



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And she left me in deep thought as I asked. Who I am, what I am? She responded, A hologram.

Graphic Designing

And she left me in deep thought as I asked. Who I am, what I am? She responded, A hologram.


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Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.

William Wordsworth