Educated vs Educated-Illiterate

Recently, I’ve gone through one picture which was humiliating for me personally because it made me realize certain things. No! It made me take out my pen and share something valuable to twist and turn educated people’s perception.

From the past few days I saw one photo going viral on social media, showing a family having dinner at a restaurant, with their maids sitting on the other side. The caption of that photo spoke out loud that if you can’t feed your maids then why you need to take them out. Well, take a second and think!

On the other hand, one strange picture went by my side about a girl who stole numerous dresses of another girl and simply vanished. What so ever! Well that’s a matter of 2013 and in 2015 you found a photo in which the first girl was wearing your dress, and in return what the second girl did was a way shocking for me to see.

She posted a picture of that girl by making it ‘PUBLIC’ and shared! For a second, I also thought it’s a bad act, but in return you did nothing correct.