Let me Run, I Don’t Want to Fly!

I’ve noticed interesting quotes in the articles I recently went through. They made me realize I want to go by rather than fly with unrealistic expectations and mind fulfilled by norms…My own experience let me speak out I really don’t want to fly.

Why do I need to fly in the first place?! The persistent desire to fly becomes meaningless when you realize that you have a path to lead on.

Have patience! Is it necessary to fly?

I don’t want to argue and convince you in the opposite. But why do you have to fly? Where do you want to fly? Spread your wings; feel the freedom flowing from your heart and mind. Stop for a minute; you definitely don’t need to fly.

Give a chance to your sensations; explore what you see. Open your thoughts; understand what you feel.

Flying makes things worse to let you go down. So why do I have to fly?

Let me run; I Don’t Want to Fly!