Sorry is the Deepest Word of All!

Unlike other days, today is a different day because I felt sorry for myself. When people encounter tragic incidents, you may realize what you have already lost. It’s a matter of personal choice and attitude to admit you feel sorry for yourself. Apologize to yourself before it’s too late. God made you a valuable creature in His image and likeness.

Why would you want to fill your soul with hatred, jealousy, selfishness, egoism, dullness and depression? You are well aware of the needs of your body by consuming healthy food and maintaining proper hygiene. How come you dare to fill your soul with unhygienic tonic? It’s the guaranteed way of killing your humanity. It’s in your hands to change that now and prove to yourself and others you’re capable of mercy and forgiveness. Before apologizing to another person, feel sorry for yourself with all your heart.

Raise your voice to eradicate the unhygienic tonic flowing from your soul. You have all the power just by realizing the true meaning of the word ‘sorry’. Stay healthy in both physical and moral terms!