The Power of Thinking

When you take initial steps to achieve your dreams it is not necessary to face difficulties. Sometimes you enjoy while achieving your dreams; sometimes you find another goal, or sometimes it’s really difficult to achieve it. I never had thought to write again since I stopped when I was only seventeen. I came back to this field because I want to let my heart go with the flow.

I observed.. No! I have experienced being in this youth is difficult. Some simple reasons need to be considered, such as it’s difficult to deal with your anger, emotions, feelings, self-respect, ambitions, grace, and most importantly, love. Who have said that? Who have really said it? Our generation is leading towards technology in order to move on in this society. I believe that we are not embracing technology as a really good means. I myself is the victim of not using it properly. When was it known? When was it adopted? It is just an alternative to make your work easier. Can you really find any substitute for your parents? No! You can’t!!