You are Someone Who No One Else is Going to Be!

Stay stick – Stick around! You are someone who no else is going to be..

Stand up – Look around! You are someone who no else is going to be..

Being steady is not always a choice- it’s a matter of fact. You have to praise your grace so will people do, too. So many hurdles might strike you that will bang your head with boundaries and limitations. Don’t be afraid, because you are different. When you find yourself filled with anxiety and depression and think you have got nothing to do then don’t be afraid because after this phase you will move on. People will distract you, de-motivate you, not support you and ignore you, but what to do?! They are not you!

If you want to achieve something , go for it. Beyond anyone’s expectations, you have to fulfill your expectations. A moment will come when you will think why you did not achieve what you longed for and dreamed of. Wishes are meant to be kept no matter what; if you can’t achieve them at-least keep them. One day will come and you will get it. Have a strong belief in yourself because you are really someone that no one else can be. You are yourself!